When my kids were small, they thought I was magic. Because all I had to do to print a document was say, “Printer Print” and magically, the document would pop out of the printer. Good thing for me they didn’t understand wireless printing.
Video production can feel magical too. With a wave of a wand, it can fix everything. Or can it? That’s the question for this episode of Video Answers.

When I talk about video being magical, I’m not trying to insult your intelligence – no one really believes video is magic. But I’ve seen a lot of businesses who believe that just because they made a video about it, their problem will magically disappear.
So, as a business leader, what’s the role of video?
I want to share 3 ways you can think about video for your business.
1. Video is a tool – a way to communicate ideas, messages and stories.
2. Video is a fresh perspective – it helps your audience see and understand problems and opportunities from a unique point of view.
3. Video is a guide – it’s great at setting up the need and giving your viewers a clear call to action.

Here’s the reality, video is just one tool in an arsenal. It’s not your entire toolbox. While it pains me to say it, “No” video is not a magic wand that can be waved over a business problem and proof, (pause) it just disappears.
My ability to speak a document out of thin air amazed my kids, but we know that my computer, printer and the wifi were part of a strategy that gave me the results I wanted. And it’s the same with video. Video has to be part of a larger strategy to move your audience to action.
Just remember, the 3 ways video can help your business the most are: as a tool, as a perspective, as a guide.
When used in the right context, video can be part of your solution.

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