During the process of your video shoot, you need to make sure you have everyone who will be identifiable on screen, sign a very important piece of paper. This document is called a consent release form. But what exactly is a consent release form and why do you need it for your video? That’s the question for this episode of Video Answers where we talk about why we need consent release for videos.

Do you really need a release for the people in your video? After all, they agreed to be in the video, so isn’t a release redundant? Before I answer that question, let’s be clear on what a consent release is.

What is a consent release form?

A consent release is a legal agreement that grants an individuals permission to their likeness in your video.

When do we need a consent release for videos?

A general rule of thumb is that a consent release is needed for anyone who is identifiable in your video.
There is no need for a consent release if a person is unidentifiable. This means that they are filmed in such a way as to conceal their identify or alter their identity after the fact during editing.
In some case, people in public places and crowds can be an exception but only if the video is for non-commercial purposes.

Why do we need consent releases?

Getting releases is smart because people can forget they agreed to be in your video or they can change their mind. Having a signed and dated agreement helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
As a part of our service to our clients, we just take care of the entire consent release process. And those releases don’t just protect us, but they also extend the same protection to our clients as our assigns, licensees or legal representatives,


A consent release form grants permission to use a persons likeness on your video.

A consent release is smart, professional, and it protects you. At Comprehensive Media, we include consent release for all our clients.


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