What tools should I use with my video? Video Answers. Episode 46.

I’ve said it before, but video is not a magic bullet. While it can use it tell wonderful stories and
show pretty pictures, if that’s all it does, then it’s not a lot of good to you or your business.
 But video that’s part of a well thought out and smartly implemented strategy can be an
amazing tool to bring about powerful change for your audience and your business. It’s those
other tools that we’ll talk about in this episode of Video Answers.

In our last episode we talked about the inability of video to fix anything. I also suggested
 there are 3 ways you can think of about video. The first way was as a tool.
 So in this episode, I want to share 3 specific tools you can use with your video to get amazing 


1. Super quick and easy landing pages
2. Designed to convert
3. 4 lead collection tools in 1 package
4. Can be hosted on Leadpages site or your site
5. Metrics – Visitors & Conversions
6. Powerful A/B testing to increase engagement
7. Leadboxes for your Calls to Action
8. Lead-digits for those times you want your audience to be able to opt-in via text 
Try it, Text VIDEOANSWERS to 33444


1. Video hosting service
2. We use it for content that’s behind a pay wall or for content
3. Great metrics
4. Add annotations
5. Add links
6. Add turnstiles – opt-in tools right within the video


1. Marketing automation tool
2. Yes, it does email marketing, but it does a whole LOT more too
3. Robust, all in one tool
4. It can deliver more personalized marketing services for your customers
5. It multiplies your effort through automation
6. It gives you a tool to track your lead sources
7. It gives you email marketing campaigns, not just auto responders
8. It can target behaviors
9. It integrates with a lot of other tools, like Leadpages, Wistia and many, many
10. It’s an incredibly powerful to to help you automate a portion of your marketing
11. Automated workflows for your team to make sure nothing slips through the

While none of these demos were exhaustive, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to each. LeadPages, Wistia and InfusionSoft. These are the tools we use everyday to help our clients get amazing results with video. And they are the same tools you can use as well. You can find links to these tools, as well as other resources at our website.

While you’re there head over to ComprehensiveMedia.com/unlock to get our free guide that will help you unlock your videos potential. This 13 page guide walks you through Engagement, monitoring, viewing and converting for your videos. It also includes some of the tools we’ve talked about here, as well as a few others, that can help you unlock your videos potential. You can find all of that and more at ComprehensiveMedia.com/unlock.

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