Video Answers. Episode 13.

This is part 2 of what you should expect during the video production process. If you’ve not watched part 1, I would encourage you to do so. You can find it here.

In part 1, we explored the first 4 stages of the video production process. In Episode 13 of Video Answers, we cover stages 5-9 of the video production process.

Part 1 Review

The first 4 stages of the video production process:

  • Discover
  • Strategy
  • Story
  • Plan

Part 2

Stage 5. Action!

This is where all the planning pays off. We arrive on-location, with all our ducks in a row, ready to shoot your project. When those ducks are in a row, this Action stage is a lot of fun because you really get to see your story come together. Everyone loves this stage because of the lights, camera and Action!

Stage 6. Edit

This is the stage where we start pulling all of those assets – like video, audio, images and graphics – together to tell your story.

In part 1, I mentioned something about a chef, flour and pastries. Here’s why:

You can think of the edit stage as a master chef in the kitchen. She knows the recipe for the perfect pastry. But just because she has 10lbs of flour, doesn’t mean she’ll use it all.

That’s a lot like a video editor who knows how to take just the right amount of the right ingredients to share your story. That’s what you can expect during the edit stage.

Stage 7. Share

Based on the strategy, we share your story with your audience by giving them a place to hear your message. This could be on public channels like YouTube or private channels like Wistia, just to name a few. All you really need to know is that this is the stage where your message is shared.

Stage 8. Measure

Your video was produced for one reason, to share your message and engage your audience. As a part of the Discover and Strategy stages we identified an action that we want your audience to take, the Call to Action. So this is the stage where we measure to find out how well your audience is responding to that call to action.

Stage 9. Refine

When you’re under the weather, the Dr. may give you an antibiotic. He expects you’ll be better in 7 to 10 days. If you’re not, he’s going to re-evaluate your symptoms and your prescription. In short, he’s going to refine his diagnosis to get you better.

The refine stage is very similar, just without the drugs. If you’re video is not getting the response or engagement it should, we want to know “Why?” This is where we find out and make the necessary changes to get the kinds of outcomes you want. This is where we refine.

All 9 Stages

So that’s what you can expect during the video production process:

  • Discover
  • Strategy
  • Story
  • Plan
  • Action
  • Edit
  • Share
  • Measure
  • Refine

The next time you start a video production, you’ll know what to expect.


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