Video Answers. Episode 12.

Everybody’s heard about pre-production, production and post-production. But what does that have to do with you and your expectations for the video production process? We address that here in Episode 12 of Video Answers.

Video production is not magic where you put ideas in and great videos pop out.
The video production process is a system, a repeatable process that delivers consistent results.

Stages of Production

That repeatable process falls into 9 stages of production. In part 1 of this 2 part series, we’ll cover the first 4 stages to help you manage your video production process.

Stage 1. Discover

Discovery always begins with a conversation and a Creative Brief. We listen to discover your objectives, your business and your desired outcomes. Discovery is where all of our projects begin.

Stage 2. Strategy

We take what we learned from the discover stage and prepare a strategy for your video. That strategy is outlined in a proposal and it includes: messaging & creative treatments as well as the parameters of your project, like timetable and budget.

In order to have an effective project you have to engage the right audience with the right message. To do that effectively, you need a plan. You need a strategy.

Stage 3. Story

Once we’re in agreement on the strategy we’ll craft the story you audience needs to hear. That script is built on the foundation of the Creative Brief and the strategy which gives your story the right direction and focus.

Stage 4. Plan

You’ve probably heard people refer to this stage as pre-production, but whatever you call it, this is where we plan for all the details that will make your story a reality.

A LOT happens here. Unfortunately, it can be the most overlooked, rushed through stage of production. But for us, this is the make or break stage. That’s why we spend a LOT of time here, planning out the details for your shoot.

That’s the first 4 stages of the video production process: Discover, Strategy, Story, and Plan.

What happens next?

Next, we’ll jump into part 2 of what you can expect during the video production process and we’ll explore the last 5 stages of production. In fact, I’ll share how a good chef never uses all her flour and what pastries have to do with your video. So join me next time for part 2 of “What should I expect during the video production process?

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