“What should we not do for our video?” Video Answers. Episode 41.

When you have 25 plus years of video production, you’ve seen it all. There are basically two kinds of people:

  1. Those who want to make it easy on themselves and
  2. The other guys

It’s that latter groups that we’ll talk about in this episode of Video Answers.

Riders in the Sky have a saying, “That would be the easy way. But it wouldn’t be the cowboy way!” It seems that some people like their video production to be a challenge and think the easy way is for wimps.
So, to the tough guys, here’s the perfect formula for sleepless nights, ballooning budgets, extended deadlines, and uncomfortably long one-on-one conversations with your boss.
In other words, here’s 20 easy ways to make your video hard.

  1. Don’t Plan
  2. Make it up as you go
  3. Punt the strategy
  4. Skip the Creative Brief
  5. Make your audience “The World”
  6. Share at least 82 of your most important messages
  7. Always assume
  8. Cut corners
  9. Rush, Rush, Rush
  10. Be too busy to communicate
  11. Don’t budget
  12. Speculate on a delivery date
  13. Avoid Calls to Action like the plague
  14. Make your Call to Action a feeling
  15. Make sure everyone in your office has a say
  16. Don’t read the scripts, but approve them anyway
  17. Make changes frequently and often
  18. Don’t worry about tracking results
  19. Ditch the analytics and
  20. Steer clear of SEO

That’s it… Just a few of the easy ways you can make your video really hard.

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