Video Answers. Episode 28.

What is a dolly? And, what does a dolly do for your video?  We’ll discuss that here in Episode 28 of Video Answers.

In the beginning of the video, I show a dolly named “pink baby,” my daughter’s favorite dolly for the last 14 years.
Don’t confuse that kind of dolly with a camera dolly.

Camera Dolly

A camera dolly is a piece of equipment whose sole purpose is to produce smooth camera movements. To do that, the camera is mounted on the dolly, so when the dolly moves, the camera moves.

Dolly moves basically come in two flavors:

  • Side to side
  • In and out

Dollies come in all shapes and sizes. They can be big with hundreds of feet of track or small with skate wheels.


You can also accomplish the same kind of movement with a slider. The big difference between a slider and a dolly is that a slider move is usually shorter. Because they are usually smaller, sliders are also more flexible and faster to set up on the go.

What does a dolly do for your video? A dolly adds motion and interest to a scene.
So the next time you’re watching a video and you notice the camera moving side to side or in and out, you’ll know it’s a dolly.

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