Video Answers. Episode 7.

In the 7th episode of Video Answers, we talk about the importance of a creative brief.  It’s important to understand what a creative brief is, what it isn’t and why you should have one. We dive into that here in Episode 7:

If a blueprint determines what a house will become, a creative brief determines what a video will become.
A creative brief makes sure that everyone’s on the same page, just like a set of blueprints.

What is a creative brief?

A creative brief is a simple document that defines the video strategy. In fact, a strong creative brief answers a few key questions about your video. For example:


What’s the objective of your video?


Who is your audience?


What’s the single most important message you want to convey?


And, what does a success look like for this video?

A creative brief is not creative

Contrary to how it sounds, a creative brief is not creative. It doesn’t determine colors, treatments or concepts. In fact, when you’re working through a creative brief, you want to set aside the creativity and focus on the strategy.

Then what is a creative brief?

Just think of the creative brief as the blueprint for your video. In the same way you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. You shouldn’t produce a video without a creative brief.

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