Video Answers. Episode 11.

In the 11th episode of Video Answers, we answer the question, “What does a video production company do?” The answer may surprise you.

More than you think

It would be easy to think a video production company just writes scripts, shoots video and edits.
Because that’s what most video production companies do.
But great video production companies really just have one purpose.

A fish tale

Recently, I went fishing with my son and he caught the only fish of the day. This fish:

When we got back to the dock, I took another picture of the same fish.
But this time, I asked Wesley to hold the fish out:

Yes that’s the same fish, just from a different perspective.
That single difference in perspective meant that he had a much better story to tell his friends about our fishing trip.

A different perspective

That’s what a great video production company does, give you and your audience a different perspective.
There are two kinds of perspective. The obvious is visual perspective, like my son’s fish. But there’s also, another kind of perspective: An awareness perspective.
You’ve heard the saying, “He can’t see the forest for the trees.” That’s just another way to of saying, “He’s so close that he has no perspective.”
The truth is, we get comfortable and use to our surroundings, so much so, that we lack the awareness to see problems and opportunities from a fresh perspective.

So, what does a video production company do?

When it’s all said and done that’s the one purpose a great video production company:

Insight, opening your eyes to a fresh, objective perspective to give you the results you need.

That’s what a video production company does.


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