“What should I expect from my video proposal?” Video Answers. Episode 37.

You know a video proposal will give you the cost of your video. But there are a few other areas you should expect from a good video proposal as well. And that’s what the subject for this Video Answers.

A good video proposal tells you more than your budget, it lets you know what to expect from the video production process. In essence, it provides the framework for your production. And while you know it should include a budget, there are 6 other areas you should expect from your video proposal.
You should expect:

“What’s Included”

This area outlines all those things that are included in your video. From concept and scripting to number of shoot days and size of crew. This is the place where all those details are outlined.

“What’s NOT Included”

Every bit as important as what’s included, you want to know if anything has not been included in your proposal. These could include areas like: travel, duplication and overtime.

Delivery Schedule

This tells you how long will it take to get your finished video.

Project Terms

This area will outline the financial terms of your video project, so you’ll know what to expect.

Your Role During Production

You play a very important role in the success of your project, so this is the place that outlines your part to make sure you get your project on time and on budget.

Your Creative Brief

Since your project is based on the brief, it’s a good way to keep your project on target.

Just remember, that in addition to your budget, you should expect these six areas to be in your proposal:

  1. What’s Included
  2. What’s NOT Included
  3. Your Delivery Schedule
  4. Your Project Terms
  5. Your Role
  6. Your Creative Brief

That’s what you can expect from a good video proposal.

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