Regardless of who you are or your station in life, you only have 24 hours in a day. You can’t make, buy, beg, borrow or steal more. Yet the vast majority of us would love to have just a little more time – time to read a good book or spend a few more moments with the ones we love.
We understand that desire because we want the very same thing. While we can’t write you a check for an extra 2 hours a day, we have made investments that can help you capture a little more of that time each week. Case in point. We use a professional web-based video content management tool which helps all of our clients save time by taking advantage of these 4 benefits.

Benefit #1 – Cloud-Based Access

The beauty of cloud-based video content management is that it’s available anytime and anywhere you need it. No more waiting for discs to arrive from FedEx. No more large video files being kicked back from your email server. No more FTP software to install. Now it all takes place in the cloud and you can access it whenever and wherever you want.

Benefit #2 – On-Line Review, Annotate and Collaboration

Unlike Vimeo or YouTube you can securely watch your videos on-line. Leave instant feedback directly on the video. You can also approve or reject edits from your own office. Want to show an edit to your boss? Just send her a link – no account set up required.

Benefit #3 – On-Line Transcriptions

Now you can have human-powered and fully searchable transcripts of your video content available on-line. Instead of watching a 30 minute, unedited interview, you can quickly read the transcript or just search for the keywords you need. That also means that when you need to revisit that interview you can easily access the transcript without the need to store large video files.

Benefit #4 – Easy Mobile Access

Need to watch a video on-the-go with your iPad mini, iPhone or HTC? That’s easy too. When we upload video files to our site, it automatically creates versions of the files that work on almost any mobile device. So regardless of which device you carry, you don’t have to be at the office to watch your video.

Web-based video content management is a great asset for our clients, but it’s only one of many tools we’ve invested in to help our clients spend less time figuring out technology and more time watching their videos. If you want to speed up your video production process, make sure your video production company uses strong web-based video content management tools. After all, greater collaboration, quicker turnarounds and more time should be more than a pipe dream.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite benefit?