Video Answers. Episode 19.

Once we’ve spent days, weeks or even months shooting all this incredible video footage for your project the thought may occurs, “Who owns my video footage?
It’s a good question.
We answer that question here, in Episode 19 of Video Answers.

Back to your question: “Who owns my video footage?

The answer

It depends on who produced your footage and the terms of your agreement. You may own the video  footage or the party you hired to produce your video may own it.

Our answer

For Comprehensive Media, there’s an easy answer: You own the footage.

It’s your footage. And to get that footage, all you need to do is ask.

Other practices may vary when it comes to the video production industry. For Comprehensive Media, it’s rather simple: If you want your footage, just let us know.

From our perspective, you own your footage.

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