The fact that video is trumping all other content types on the internet and especially on tablets should come as no surprise.
According to a March 2012 Study by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) and research consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates, fifty-four percent of tablet users watch video on their tablet on weekly basis. Could this be a trend your company should take advantage of? I think yes. And fast.

The same study shows that the overwhelming majority of users (94%) use their tablet to mainly to access content and information.  On top of this, video is the most popular content such users sought, followed by weather and news. The videos being watched range from the most popular being short news and entertainment videos (92%) to user generated YouTube Videos (64%) and Professional website videos (34%).

Now imagine that YOUR potential clients own a tablet. As the technology advances, more and more people are purchasing these devices, so that scenario could be very likely if it isn’t already true.  66 million tablet devices were sold in 2011, and eMarketer projects nearly 70 million US consumers will use a tablet by the end of 2012. By 2015, over half of all Internet users will be tablet users.
The tablet brings a whole new way to target your audience with video in a way you haven’t been able to before. 34% of millions of tablet users are watching company videos. Odds are a few thousands of those users are looking for a video on YOUR website.  The audience is there, but is the content? If the answer is not yet- let’s get started! Opportunity awaits!
QUESTION: How much video do you watch on your tablet?