Simple Video

If you google “a simpler life” you’ll see about 32,700,000 results…in 0.26 seconds. Which tells me a lot of us want simple. Still, in a world of 24/7 connectivity and accessibility, simple always seems just out of our reach.

My Dad grew up in Shawmut, Alabama- a small town right on the boarder of Georgia. Many times I’ve heard him talk about how things were “simpler” then, at least before the community began to change. There were three factors he says that began to change that small mill town; air conditioning, TV, and private transportation. Before air conditioning he says, “we kept our windows open, before TV we sat on the front porch and talked with our neighbors, and before we got our own cars, we rode together on the bus”. Dad wasn’t saying that there was something wrong with air conditioning, TV or cars, he’s just saying that they came at a price to his community.
Simple video production is much the same. The purpose of a good video, film or movie is to connect your message with your audience. That’s simplicity in video production. Yet it can be very easy to lose sight of “simple” when technology or creativity become the focus. In my house, we have a name for that loss of focus, we call it “shiny object syndrome” or S.O.S. For video you have S.O.S. when something distracts you from that connection with your audience.

Simple is: easy to understand, deal with, use, etc. & not complicated. So how can you benefit from simple videos? Easy, by focusing on these 3 secrets.

A Clear Objective

You can’t be simple without a clear objective – a purpose & desired outcome. If you can’t clearly articulate the objective of your video production in a single sentence then it’s too complicated. It’s always easy to write paragraphs on your objective, but it’s harder to express it in a clear, concise statement. Your objective is not a dissertation, it is a simple statement. Clarity is found in brevity.

A Focused Audience

Clients struggle with identifying their audience. But the real issue is one of focus or a lack thereof – trying to be too broad or speaking to everyone, everywhere. The problem here is that each audience is different and you don’t have enough time or budget to address everyone. Focus on A single audience and remember – if you think your audience is everyone, then you’re video production is NOT simple.

A Single Message

You want your audience to walk away from your video production knowing your message. But too many messages will confuse and muddy the waters. So how do you get there? One of the ways to do this is to answer the following questions, “What do you want your audience to think or do differently? What’s the single most important thing you want to convey?” If you can answer those questions, the chances of your audience “getting your message” is much higher.

So there you have it, the 3 secrets of simple video production. Don’t get sidetracked by S.O.S. – cool technology or mind-blowing creativity. The only way to keep your video simple is to keep your objective, audience and message crystal clear. These are the real secrets to simple video.

QUESTION: How do you define simple?