It’s no surprise that as the online and social media communities have grown exponentially in size, so have the personalties and mannerisms of their members. Our friends at First Direct have compiled a list and created an infographic of the new social media personalities emerging online.
As a Marketing Coordinator, I border “The Ultras” and “The Deniers”. However, most people I know are either “The Dippers” or “The Lurkers”. Check out the graphic bellow:

Needless to say, we all know a “Peacock” or some “Quizzers”.

Although these inforgraphics and personality segmentations are fun, they do serve a higher purpose.

It is important to know what “personality” you are- not just as a game, but as a way to know what others online think about you and your company.

By knowing what they think, the feedback helps you understand how your online presence comes across, and what impression that leaves your followers and online community members with.

Is this impression helping or hindering your online goals? Is it how you want others to perceive you and your company? We know it’s important to be yourself and not just care about what others think of you, but when your presence translates into business and opportunities, it is important to measure and manage it.

QUESTION: What Social Media personality are you? Do you agree with the above segmentations?