While doing some marketing research, I stumbled across an excellent infographic from BrainShark that depicts the power of video in content marketing.
We are all tired of hearing that video is a big part of communications- but not only is it big now, it is getting bigger.

Social Media Examiner reported that video was the number one area where marketers planned to increase their investments for 2012. As a result, online video usage rose 12% amongst B2B content marketers, according to a recent Content Marketing Institute (CMI) survey.

So, what does that mean for YOUR marketing strategy?

You Can Reach a Wider Audience

More than 53% of the entire US population watched online videos in 2012. That’s 167 MILLION people. Of those, 54.6 MILLION people viewed videos from their mobile devices. As a marketer, I know that the likelihood of all 167 million people being your target market is very slim- but video allows you to reach different markets for the different needs that your company might have.

You Can Increase Message Impact

The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. That means that your video has a ridiculously high viewer retention rate. 44% of people say that seeing a product of service mentioned in an online video would encourage them to seek out more information. Using a video with the correct links and calls to action will allow your customers not only to process and understand your message, but to take action on that message.

You Can Get Creative

Video isn’t made in just one flavor. You can use videos to:

  • Sell
  • Educate
  • Entertain

This means that you can use videos for all your needs, and still have the advantages of retention and audience reach.

Using video in your marketing strategy should be on your radar, if you’re not using it yet. Video is now the 6th most popular content marketing tactic, and not just because of how pretty the images look or how funny the noises sound–but because it works!
QUESTION: How are you using video in your marketing strategy?