Comprehensive Media has been producing videos for 23 years. We’ve got cameras, edit suites, a fiber network, and a hightop Mercedes production van. Add that to software, systems, procedures, and workflows and we’ve got a seriously solid foundation.
But all that stuff is NOT who we are. The truth is, all that stuff is just tools. We ARE our people–our teams, our crews and our staff. They are our real difference.
A couple weeks ago we shot some 20 hours of video interviews for a project. A few of those people came to those interviews a little nervous or uptight- but at the end of their time in the “spot light” what I heard over and over again was…

  • “You made me comfortable.”
  • “Thank you for doing this.”
  • “This was a great!”

Crew 2

They didn’t say that because of our fancy HD cameras or hi-tech LED lighting. No, they said that because of our people. Which reminded me again that…

our team is our single best investment in our clients and their projects.

So that got me thinking. What makes a team great? The basis for all great teams is found in four simple qualities…


The idea of serving others is not new. But how we serve is important. We’ve all walked into a restaurant where we were happily greeted and genuinely served only to visit that same restaurant a few days later and be made to feel like we were an inconvenience. How we serve matters! Either it’s with a heart of thanks or obligation – which is really not a service at all.


How our teams work together influence how they serve. All strong, healthy relationships are built on trust and respect. No exceptions. So strengthening those relationships and providing opportunities for growth always yield quality service.


Hans Christian Andersen, in his story The Emperor’s New Clothes, is a great reminder of our need for honesty. Great teams know the importance of honesty and trust. They know the team has their back and won’t let them parade around the streets in “pretend” clothes. But honesty shared in a relationship of trust and respect is never cruel or mean. It’s always shared out of genuine service to others. Every team needs the freedom to speak the truth.


We’re human. We have good days and bad. We carry around a lifetime of experiences, some good and some bad and we bring our whole-selves to work with us every day. So we’ve got to extend the same patience to others that so many others have extended to us if we expect our team to be great.

I’m humbled and proud to serve with a group of people who exemplify all four of these qualities. Some of those people are staff, some are outside vendors but they are all part of our team. So from the bottom of my heart I say “Thank You…”

  • …for sharing your expertise
  • …for sacrificing time away from your families
  • …for your patience and honesty
  • …for your heart
  • …for who you are

Comprehensive Media is not the sum of our “stuff”. Comprehensive Media is our team and our team makes us great.

QUESTION: What makes your team GREAT?