Video Answers, Episode 3

In the 3rd episode of Video Answers we help you sound your best during your video interview. Not just by telling you, but by showing you.
It’s always important to ask the right questions. But how you answer those questions is equally important when it comes to your video interview.

At Comprehensive Media, we do a LOT of video production. And when I sit down for a video interview with someone, one of the first things I say to them is:
“your audience won’t hear my question, only your answer, so answer in a complete sentence.”
That sounds simple enough, but what does it really mean and how does it help you sound your best?

How To Sound Your Best

Probably the easiest way to tell you is to show you.
We’ll put a question on the screen, and then I’ll answer that question – first the wrong way, then the right way.
What’s the best way to answer these questions?


What’s your name and where are you from?

The wrong way to answer the question

Joel Smith, Nashville, TN

The right way to answer the question

My name is Joel Smith and I’m from Nashville, TN.


How many children do you have?

The wrong way to answer the question


The right way to answer the question

I have 2 children, Wesley and Katie.

Another easy way to think of this is to include the subject in your answer. So in that last example if you were asked how many children do you have, children is the subject, so you’ll include the subject in your answer of “I have 2 children.”
If you forget, don’t worry, I promise, I will remind you.


During an interview, how should you answer to always sound your best?

The right way to answer the question

During your interview, always answer in a complete sentence to sound your best.


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