Sophia s Heart
As a video production company, our goal is to communicate our client’s message to their audience. Clients come in many shapes and sizes, and we were very happy to have crossed paths with Steven Compton through our Senior Producer, David LaMar. Steven approached David and mentioned his desire to create a video for a non-profit organization he is a part of, and David was quick to offer any assistance- we wanted to make sure that if they were going to make a video, that they did it right.
And so, Comprehensive Media had the pleasure of working with Sophia’s Heart Foundation in creating a fundraising video that would enable donors to learn more about the organization and who they are helping with their donations. Sophia’s Heart was founded by Danny Gokey, who was inspired by his late wife’s love and dedication towards children to create a place where families in need could seek shelter and guidance at a time of need. Single parents and families are welcomed into a hospital building that was gifted to Danny, a place in which donations and community support are helping in making it into a welcoming, living space with rooms for each family. Currently, the facility can house as many as 40 families.
At Sophia’s Heart, families are offered a chance at education, classes, counseling, mentoring, music and art camps for children, childhood development assistance, worship services, and help getting back on their feet with stable jobs.

Here’s Sophia’s Heart Christmas Promo:

Sophia’s Heart Christmas Promo-Vimeo Upload from Comprehensive Media, Inc. on Vimeo.
After our work was finished, here’s what Steven Compton had to say about his experience:

“Fantastic, creative, thought provoking, understanding, diligent, excellent, timely, service oriented, and, of course, professional are a few limited words I use in an attempt to describe how Comprehensive Media, and particularly David Lamar, came to Sophia’s Heart and piloted the Christmas Video they shot for us. David had a sense of urgency and with very limited time and resources took nothing and created an emotionally powerful message for us to communicate our hope and desires to our supporters and potential supporters during the Christmas (end of the year giving) Season. The video was immediately and enthusiastically received and embraced by all of those involved with Sophia’s Heart. Thank you David and Comprehensive Media for your dedication to and work for your customers.”
-Steven Compton

We couldn’t have been happier to be a part of this great effort in our own community, and are humbled to help communicate such a great cause.
QUESTION: If you could suggest a fundraising video to your favorite non-profit, who would it be?