“Should I transcribe my video?” Video Answers. Episode 31.

We do a lot of video interviews here. But, is it worth transcribing your videos? We will discuss that here in Episode 31 of Video Answers.

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned about interviews, it’s that you never know where the story will lead. Which is why we transcribe all of our interviews.
A video transcript is a word-by-word copy of what was said in a video. A video transcript is also time-stamped to the video so you can quickly find the matching dialogue in the video.

Benefits of Video transcripts:

1.) They are Searchable

Video transcripts gives you a searchable, electronic copy of all your interviews in one place, which is invaluable for research and post-production.

2.) They are Sharable

A video transcript provides a written record that can easily be shared in white papers, articles and emails.

3.) They are Fast

Because a video transcript is time-stamped, it speeds up the edit process by helping you quickly find that quote you know someone said, but have no idea where to find in the hours of video footage.

4.) They are Small

Because transcripts are just documents, they are much smaller than video files, so video transcripts require less storage than the video files they reference.

These four benefits of video transcript – searchable, sharable, fast, small – are a just a few reasons why you should consider transcribing your video interviews.

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