Listen. Do you hear it?
It’s the one thing you can’t see and you never hear, but if it’s not in your video, you instantly know that something is wrong. What is it? It’s called Room Tone and in this episode we’ll explore what it is and why your video needs it. So stick around for Room Tone on episode 59 of Video Answers. Shh

What is Room Tone?

You may have never noticed it before, but every place you’ve ever been has it’s own unique sound. Be it a busy restaurant, the soft hum of the refrigerator in your kitchen, or the early morning birds in your neighborhood park. We usually call that sound ambiance, but it’s really more like a presence. You can think of it as the audio fingerprint of the location. When we capture that sound for use in your video, it’s called Room Tone.

Room Tone is a short audio recording of the sound or presence of the location we’re filming in, be it an actual room or an outdoor location.

It’s that time in our shoot where we ask everyone to be still and quiet for about 30 seconds while we record Room Tone.
If you remember a few episodes back we explored the idea of saving money by shooting outside. In that episode I shared an example of how distracting it can be to cut between different ambient backgrounds in your video. That’s why we record and use Room Tone – to smooth out the edit points and minimizing distraction in your video.
Even though it sounds like silence and you never see it, every location has its own Room Tone. Your video will always better using that Room Tone.

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