We just invested in Peace of Mind for our clients. It’s an upgrade to our server that our clients will probably never see, but it’s an upgrade they will benefit from. In fact, one of the main reasons we made the upgrade was to give everyone a little more peace of mind knowing their greatest assets – their digital assets are safe.

What did we get?

An 8 GB Fiber system with more than 100 TB of storage and a 24 bay LTO automated tape library system.

What does it mean?

Our new system can hold…

  • 193 years of non-stop music, (1,700,000 hours of music)
  • 457,000 vacations worth of photos, (32,000,000 high resolution digital photos)
  • 112 years of home movie watching – without sleep, (1,000,000 hours of digital video)

While that may not sound very useful at first glance, there are actually 3 practical Peace of Mind benefits our new system provides.

Benefit #1 – A More Responsive System

In video production, a lot of time is spent accessing and transferring very large video files. Our system is capable of 100 simultaneous streams of HD video. On average, file operations happen approximately 8 times faster than on the fastest home computer. That’s REALLY fast!

Benefit #2 – A More Secure System

When we come in from a shoot, all assets are immediately dropped into a folder that automatically archives those assets to 2 different 1.5 TB LTO5 tapes. One tape goes in our on-site fire proof media safe and the other goes off-site in a bank vault. That means that before we ever start working on your project, our system completes the first of 3 archives of your assets.

Benefit #3 – A More Redundant System

There’s a saying in our industry, “all hard-drives will eventually fail. The question is not, “will they fail?” The question is, “when will they fail?
Our new system is built in a way which allows multiple drives to fail without loss of data AND our storage is mirrored to a separate, secondary system for redundancy. Translation – in the unlikely event that one entire storage system would fail, your data is safe and we can keep editing.

We know of no other Nashville video production company going to these lengths to protect your assets.
So what’s the moral to the story? Our investment in infrastructure is an investment in our clients and their Peace of Mind. Just think, if we’re willing to do this for something you’ll never see, imagine what we’re willing to do for what you can see!

QUESTION: How much Peace of Mind do you want?