“What are the obstacles to my video’s success?” Video Answers. Episode 39.

You’re writing your creative brief when you come across this question: What’s the single biggest obstacle related to the success of your video?
It’s a question that would be easy to gloss over – but I want to tell you why you shouldn’t – on this episode of Video Answers.

When it comes to obstacles, I can promise you one thing: Your video will have them.

The only question is, will you know about them before they happen? The secret to a successful video
is to identify those obstacles now, before it’s too late.

Here’s why.

A few years ago, we produced a video for a university’s capital campaign. They were kicking off the campaign with an invitation only dinner and a goal of raising several million dollars.  The big night arrived and everything was going to plan when the house lights came down and our video started. A few minutes in, I knew we had hit a home-run when I looked around and saw men and women wiping tears from their eyes. I remember thinking, “Yes, we connected.” All of our work had paid off. Then, without warning, it happened. Right before the call to action, 35 wait staff burst into a quiet, dark room, carrying trays of cheese cake over their heads, fanning out through the now clearly distracted audience. All the work we had done over 6 months, evaporated in a matter of seconds. The moment was lost. While that may seem like a dramatic example, it’s a sobering reminder that every single video faces obstacles. Some of those obstacles are external, like the cheese cake carrying waitstaff and some are internal. But be assured, they are there and they can create barriers to reaching your audience.

Here are a few other obstacles your video could face…

  • A complex product or service
  • An unrealistic schedule
  • An incomplete strategy
  • Bad weather
  • A lack of buy within your business
  • An impractical budget

Obstacles shouldn’t have the last word. But by identifying them on the front end you can address them and turn those obstacles into opportunities.
So the next time you’re writing that creative brief, you’ll know the obstacles that stand between you and a successful video.

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