Video Answers. Episode 21.

When we shoot an interview, we almost always use two or more cameras. Usually, we have one or two cameras next to the interviewer and one off-axis camera. So, why are there two cameras? We’ll answer than in Episode 21 of Video Answers.

So, why do we do that?

Using two or more cameras gives the editor greater flexibility to tell your story. In fact, there are five reasons you need more than one video camera for your interview.
1. For compressing time

If we have more than one camera, it’s much easier to take out parenthetical or aside comments to shorten the story without altering the message.

2. For covering unwanted content

Having a couple cameras means editors don’t have to worry about those pesky jump cuts.

3. For greater story emphasis

When you have more than one camera you can cut to a different angle to emphasize an important point.

4. For greater visual interest

The ability to cut to an off-axis camera angle breaks up the interview with greater visual interest.

5. For saving time

Shooting an interview with just one camera can take extra time because your video crew will may have to shoot the same question twice, from different angles.

So the next time your boss asks, “Why do we need two cameras for the interview?” you’ll look smarter when you say you really need two cameras for:

  • compressing time
  • covering unwanted content
  • greater story emphasis
  • greater visual interest
  • saving time

Who knows, you might even get a raise because you know the five reasons why you need more than one camera for your interview.

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