VA38“How can I keep my video simple?” Video Answers. Episode 38.

We’ve all heard our parents or grandparents talk about the good olé days. A time when life was easier, life was simple. But what is simple and what does it have to do with your video? That’s the question for this episode of Video Answers.

At its heart, “simple” is defined as: easy to understand, not elaborate, not complicated.
That’s how a simple video should be. But, the latest technology and eye-popping creativity can distract from simple and stop the effectiveness of your video in it’s track.
So how can you keep your video simple?

Focus on these three areas:

A Clear Objective

When you’re driving to a friends house, you can’t get there by just entering the state in your
GPS. No, you also have to enter the city, the street and the house number. It’s the same with
video. To be simple, you have to know where you’re going, you have to be able to articulate,
in a single sentence, the objective of your video. Keeping your video simple always begins
with a clear objective.

A Specific Audience

If you’ve tried it before, you know that identifying the right audience can be difficult. But focusing on a single audience forces your video to speak very specifically to someone, not generally to anyone. That’s why keeping your video simple requires you to identify and speak to a specific audience.

A Single Message

Have you ever spoken to someone, who was incredibly passionate about a subject? Someone who went on and on about all the random “things” that were important about their subject. How many of those “things” did you remember? That’s why a strong video should only have a single message. You want your specific audience to watch your video and “get” your message. But too many messages create barriers to understanding. So select the single most important message that your video has to convey and stick with that single message. That’s why keeping your video simple requires a single message.

Let me tell you a secret: Each of these areas I’ve just shared are part of a creative brief. That creative brief will help your video get the focus it needs to get simple. In the end, the purpose of your video is to connect and engage your audience.
That’s why focusing on a clear objective, a specific audience and a single message can help you keep your video simple.

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