Being a successful video production company isn’t always an easy task- but with the help of an incredible team and innovative tools we’re able to stay on-track and on-budget to deliver the highest video quality and customer service to our clients.
One of the key ways we accomplish that is with a software package called Daylite. Daylite allows us to keep projects organized and on-track. Now what exactly does that mean to our clients?

1) It Helps Us Remain Process-Driven

One of our strengths as a company is that we’re process-driven. This means that we can deliver consistent results to our clients, over and over again because we have a specific way of doing things. Daylite helps us in this area by streamlining how we process information, store contacts, manage projects, and schedule tasks which allows us to be much more efficient with your time and money.

2) It Helps Us Stay on the Same Page

The Comprehensive Media team doesn’t look to be getting any smaller- in fact we’re growing! It’s important for all team members to be on the same page. We have multiple projects going on at once, and we can’t afford to not know what is going on with each and every one of them. Daylite allows us to track a project’s progress, any project activity in real time, as well as link tasks, emails, and people to that project. No matter which team member you talk to, we are able to answer your questions and keep your project headed in the right direction.

3) It Helps Us Keep Everything in One Place

Have I mentioned all of this can be found in one simple page? Well, it can be! This is by far one of the best features of the Daylite. One page shows an entire project’s history making it easy to keep you up-to-date and find anything connected with all projects we’re working on. This includes: schedules, e-mails, notes, contacts, project codes, web links, tasks, delegations, and much more which means we spend less time looking for things and more time producing your projects.

When we update something in our office, no matter what it might be, we keep the interest of our clients in the front of our mind. What benefits us directly benefits you- and by bettering how we do things our clients can rest assured that we are constantly striving to find better ways to serve them and continue to allow us to do what we say, when we say.

QUESTION: How do you stay on-track?