How to save money on video production?

It’s probably the biggest question on every client’s mind. How to save money on video production? So what does coordinating a video with multiple shoot days at multiple locations have to do with it saving money?
In this episode I’m going to show you a simply principle we use to cut your production costs by 33% or more to make sure all your investment is worth it.

A few episodes ago we talked about a typical shoot day and how a half-day video shoot actually costs 2/3rds of a full video day shoot. That means that if a full shoot day costs $5,000 then a half-day shoot would cost $3,300.

The Principle

Here’s the principle. If your video has multiple shoot days at multiple locations combine multiple 1/2 days into full days. So, instead of spending a half a day at Location A on Day 1 and shooting a half day at Location B on Day 2, shoot both Location A & B on one day and save 33% or more.


1/2 DAYS
1 Shoot day = $5,000
(2) 1/2 days = $6,600
2 Shoot days = $10,000
(4) 1/2 days = $13,200


What that means for this example is that
a 1 day shoot can save you $1,600 over 2 half-day shoots.
a 2 day shoot can save you $3,200 over 4 half-day shoots.
As an added benefit of this principle is that we can capture all your footage in 2 days instead of 4, which means we can get start editing sooner so you can get your project finished faster. The takeaway is simple.
With a little planning you can save 33% or more off the cost of your video and shave days off your video production schedule.
The truth is there are lots of ways to save money during the video production process. This is just one of those ways. But if you need a video production company to help you explore your options, navigate the process, and save money, I’d love to talk about how we can help. Just send me an email to to talk about your project.