We get to create in one of the coolest buildings in the Nashville area. The Overlook Building has been our home for the last 3 years. Our building has the highest elevation of any office space in Brentwood–which is why one entire side of my office is glass and “overlooks” Brentwood. It’s a beautiful view all the time, but especially in the summer and fall. It breathes life and creativity into so much of what we get to do.
Robert is the facilities person in our building. Robert is “Da Man” when it comes to issues with the AC, lighting or mechanical. Robert knows his stuff and our building like the back of his hand. He’s personal and responsive and does a great job for us. We’re thankful he’s on our team! But just because Robert is great at his job, doesn’t make him great at every job. I would never ask Robert to be an interior decorator. Not because he’s not smart or that he couldn’t “do it”, but because it’s not his strength or his area of expertise.
In the same way, would you really call your accountant to perform an appendectomy or a concert pianist to build your new website? Probably not, because you want the “right” person for the job–not just anyone. And you know what? The same principle applies when it comes to the “right” company. For me, there are 3 indicators that I’ve got the “right” company for the “right” job.


When we hire a company I want to know their purpose and my job are perfectly aligned. I want to know that what I’m hiring them for is in the very center of their purpose. I don’t want my job to be something they can do, but something they do every day. In other words, I want to be their main thing–not a hobby.


Once I’m confident of their purpose, I want to know if they have the right skills for the job–because all jobs are not created equal. Just like doctors specialize in specific areas of medicine, so too you may need someone with more than general knowledge on a subject. You may want a specialist.


Finally, we choose to work with companies with incredible people who are passionate about what they do. I have found that people with a passion always do a better job for us and for the organization they represent. That’s why we look for passion.

So what’s this have to do with video production? Just this. Anybody can buy a DSLR camera that can also shoot video. The question you have to ask is, “Do I really want to entrust our branding, our message and our outcomes to just “anybody”? I’d like to suggest you hire a professional with purpose, skill and passion. That’s how you make sure you get the “right” company for the “right” job.

QUESTION: What do you look for when hiring a company?