Video Answers. Episode 23.

How long should my video be?” It’s an important question. We’ll cover all that and more here in Episode 23 of Video Answers.

According to a recent NBC report, in 2000 our average attention span was 12 seconds. In 2014, it dropped to 8 seconds.
That statistic reminds me of one of my Dad’s favorite jokes: “I’m so broke, I can’t afford to pay attention!
But, before I lose your attention, let’s get back to the question at hand:
How long should my video be?

Wistia, a video hosting company, says that 50% more people will complete a one minute video than a two minute video. However, that doesn’t mean you should never make a long video.


That same data from the video hosting company, Wistia, also shows that a 4-5 minute video will have roughly the same engagement as a 5 – 10 minute video.

What’s the secret?

There’s an old copywriter saying, “Your copy can never be too long. It can only be too boring.

Did you know that during the same period of time that our attention spans dwindled to eight seconds, the average length of the top grossing Hollywood films increased from 118 minutes to 130 + minutes?

But don’t let that throw a monkey wrench into your thinking.

The take aways are simple:

  • Be engaging
  • Be focused in your message
  • Know your audience

The answer to the question of length is found in your content and your audience. If you have a lot of content, break it up into several shorter videos instead of one longer video.
Now, back to our question:
How long should my video be?

Your video should be as long as your content calls for and as long as your audience allows. The more focused your content, the longer your target audience will watch.

That’s how long your video should be.

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