Production Brief
A Production Brief is a simple, one-page summary of your video project. It’s the document the client prepares for the video producer. From this document, your producer will have a good 50,000 ft overview of your project. Just make sure you’re prepared to share your Production Brief with your producer when you discuss your project.

A Production Brief provides an overview of the 9 key areas of your project. It…

  1. defines the project objective and the desired outcome of the project
  2. defines your target audience
  3. defines the key message(s) which must be conveyed
  4. defines the required content: person, places, things, (thoughts, ideas, phrases, etc) that should be included in the video
  5. defines the project’s distribution – How and where will your audience view it?
  6. defines the project length
  7. defines your deadline
  8. defines your budget
  9. provides style examples of the look & feel you want for your project

Why is a Production Brief important?

There are 2 reasons a production brief is important to the success of your project.

  • It helps you clearly articulate what you want out of your project.
  • It helps your video producer understand your expectations for the project.

In short, a Production Brief makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Who Should be Involved in the Creation of a Production Brief?

The person within your organization tasked with the project should complete the Production Brief. However, once the Production Brief is complete, they may want to get buy-in or input from key decision makers as a means of sharing ownership and managing expectations.

How to Write a Production Brief

You want to invest quality time in the process to save time, energy and money later on. The goal here is to be as short and concise as possible.
We suggest you block out an hour in a quiet place at a time where you’re fresh and free from distractions. Without editing, jot down the first thing that comes to mind. Now review it. How does it stack up against your company vision. How will this project impact your department? Can you defend it? Edit and tweak as needed.
After you’ve completed your Production Brief, set it aside and come back to it at the end of the day. Is it still clear & concise or does it need a little more help?

How Does a Production Brief Save You Money?

A well-written Production Brief makes sure everybody is on the same page. It clearly identifies your project, its expectations and deadline so you and your video producer can have a clear understand of the direction for your project. All of this means you won’t waste time, energy or money working outside the scope or desired outcome of the project.


Download a FREE copy of a Production Brief template to help you prepare for your next video.
Feel free to use it and share it. And if you have questions, we’re always available.

QUESTION: How have you used Production Brief’s in the past?