Video Answers. Episode 16.

When we mention a “grip,” in video production, we aren’t referring to the familiar idiom, “Get a grip!”
A Grip is actually a very important part of the video production process. We cover just how important a “grip” is here in Video Answers Episode 16.

What is a Grip?

A Grip is not just a firm handshake. In the film and video world, a Grip is a key member of the crew.

Technically, a Grip works with lighting and rigging to support the camera department on set. A Grip is under the direction of the DP, or Director of Photography.

What do they do?

Basically, Grips set up and move the equipment that helps the camera department do it’s job. This allows the camera department to run more smoothly and be efficient.

Grips also work closely with the electrical department to create and move lighting set-ups.

Get a Grip… Really!

That’s the technical definition, but there’s another benefit of having Grips on set.

Grips always save time and money in the video production process. And do you know how? Grips allow the crew to move faster, shoot more and get home sooner. And at the end of a long day on set, that is very important.

That’s what a Grip is.


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