Video Answers. Episode 4.

In the 4th episode of Video Answers, we go over the different terms in video to answer, “Which is right?” Not just by telling you, but by giving you some background on each and how they are used today.

Which term is right?

I’m often asked, which term is right? Filming, shooting or videotaping?
Before I answer that question, let me give you a little background.


The origins of the term filming are from the early days when the only way to capture a series of moving pictures was good old film. If you talk with an old timer in our industry, they’re probably a purest and will only refer to film when they’re actually using film stock, which almost no one does anymore.


The origins of the term videotaping came from those people who, for the most part, didn’t have the budgets for film and used the lesser quality videotape. Videotape was typically used for “industrials” or corporate projects as well as soap operas because it was was faster and more cost effective than shooting film stock.


Finally, there’s shooting, which doesn’t have anything to do with firearms. Shooting just refers to the process of capturing an image. So you may hear someone in the video production industry say that they are going to “a shoot” or they’re going to “shoot someone”. If you hear that, don’t panic. I promise, there are no guns involved.

Which is Right?

Now back to the question, which is the right terminology? Filming, videotaping or shooting?
Here’s the good news, you can call it Filming, Videotaping or shooting. Regardless of what you call it, we’ll know exactly what you mean.

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