A few episodes ago, 57 and 59, we talked about the various aspects of audio for your video. Behind that audio is a person who does more than just record audio. Who is this audio guy and why do you want him on your video shoot? That’s what we will explore this time on episode 64 of Video Answers.

You can spot ‘em a mile away. They just don’t blend in. They’re the ones holding the long pole overhead with a fuzzy mic.
That’s not all they do. They also put mics on actors, yell “Quiet on the set” and slate each take. And oh yeah, they record all the audio for your video.

What they’re called

  • production sound mixer
  • location sound recordist
  • location sound engineer
  • sound mixer
  • or just an audio guy. (we mean that gender neutral)

What they do

Whatever you call them, this is the member of your crew whose primary responsibility is to record audio for your production. But a good audio guy does more than just record audio. They also eliminate a lot of headaches in post.

6 Reasons You Need An Audio Guy

There are 6 reasons you need an audio guy on your video shoot.
They eliminate:

  1. distorted audio
  2. distant audio
  3. noisy audio
  4. soft audio
  5. missing audio (with subtitles)
  6. out-of-sync audio

A good audio guy is an investment in the quality of your video.

They don’t cost extra money. But they will save you a lot of headaches.

Back to our question. Knowing what you know now, ask yourself, “Do we really need an audio guy?”

We say an emphatic, “Yes!” You really do need an audio guy.


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