Video Answers. Episode 6.

In the 6th episode of Video Answers, we talk about adding light to your video. There are are few points to focus on and consider when adding lighting to your video. We address those here in Episode 6:

Do I really need lights… For my video?

Our eyes are pretty amazing, they can see details in the brightest sun and the dimmest candlelight. It’s that extreme contrast that makes our eyes such incredible instruments.

But what about the camera?

The eye of a camera sees light very differently which is why controlling the lighting for your video is so important.

A video camera doesn’t have the same dynamic range that our eyes do, so in video we will brighten up the darkest areas of the image and darken up the brightest areas so the video camera can see all the detail in those areas.

What about color?

In addition to broad dynamic range, color is the other part of lighting we want to control.

For example, a camera sees:

    • sunlight as blue
    • incandescent light as yellow or orange and
    • fluorescent light as green

For your video, we want to get all the lights in the same color temperature range by using colored gels on lights.

So back to your question, Do I really need lights for my video?”

If you want your audience to see the detail in your video and not be distracted by a plethora of colors, then yes, you really do need lights for your video.

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