Video Answers. Episode 30.

Most consumer video cameras come with a mic, so why can’t you save you a few dollars and use the camera mic instead of an audio engineer?
That’s the question for this episode of Video Answers.

Nothing is more annoying than bad audio.  Using the mic on a consumer video camera for dialogue in your video will give you bad audio.

What’s the problem with using the camera mic for dialogue on your video?

One word: Distance.

The camera mic is already on the camera. The farther the dialogue is from the camera, the worse it sounds. The biggest reason we don’t use camera mics for dialogue is because they are a distraction.

Bad audio is a distraction for your audience, your story and your message.

The last thing you want is a distraction from your message.

In the long run, using the camera mic for dialogue in your video creates problems in post, takes more time and costs more money than just doing it right the first time.

Back to your question: “Can we use the camera mic for our video?
Sure you can. But, why would you want to?

Our recommendation?
Never use the camera mic for your video.

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