Video Answers. Episode 5.

In the 5th episode of Video Answers, we address the questions surrounding music in your videos. Can we use a song from iTunes? What are our options for adding music to videos?

Can I use a song from iTunes… in my video?

So you want to know if you can use a song from your iTunes library in your company video.

Before I answer that question, let me to share with you two little known musical facts.

1. All commercial music is licensed for a specific use.

2. When you download a song from iTunes, you really don’t own the song, you’re just renting it.

In fact, your iTunes agreement grants you permission to use your iTunes music on up to five devices under your control and you can’t legally pass them on to others. Just ask Bruce Willis.

What should I use instead?

This is why we purchase and use needle-drop music for our client videos. It’s music that’s licensed for use on videos.

What if I still want to use an iTunes song?

So if you want to use an iTunes song in your video, have your attorney call our attorney who will call the copyright holder to request both the master use and synchronization licenses for the song in question. If that sounds expensive, it’s because it is.

So yes, while you can use a song from your iTunes library in your video, it’s faster, easier, and much less expensive to use needle-drop music instead.
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