Video Answers. Episode 25.

When we’re producing a video, we always provide an estimated time of delivery. But if you want your video sooner, there are a few things you can do to help us make that happen. We’ll talk about that here in Episode 25 of Video Answers.

In video production, the estimated time of delivery includes some time for your review and approval of your video. Here are five ways you can help yourself get your video a little faster:

Communicate Efficiently

Be direct and specific, not vague, in your direction. Leave nothing to interpretation or chance. Communicate efficiently.

Answer with Certainty

I know you wouldn’t do this, but some clients can hurriedly approve a video only to change their mind a few days later. Obviously, this adds significant time to your video production project. So, while you may be in a hurry, don’t rush. Before you approve anything, be certain.

Approve Quickly

Whether it’s the script, an audio track or an edit, the more quickly you can approve, the more quickly we can continue work on your project.

Provide Promptly

In the course of your project we’re going to make a number of requests. It may ask for information, images or graphics. Whatever it is, provide those requested materials promptly to get your video sooner as opposed to later.

Respond Timely

Remember that we’re basing our production schedule, in part, on your timely responses. So if we ask and you agree to approve an element by a given date, make every effort to provide your approval by that date. When you respond in a timely fashion, it saves us the time of rescheduling work on your project so we can get your project to you a little faster.

By communicating efficiently, answering with certainty, approving quickly, providing promptly and responding in a timely fashion, you can shave a bit of time off your production and help yourself get your video a little faster.

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