This piece of equipment is used on every shoot around the world. But what’s it called and why should you care? Stick around and find out in this episode of Video Answers.

What has a collapsible base with nested legs, a stand with 2 to 4 risers, a head, and an arm? It’s called a c-stand and it’s an indispensable piece of equipment used on video and film shoots everywhere.
C-stands are primarily used by Grips and Gaffers who work with the Director of Photography to control light. But because of its flexibility, a c-stand can be used by all departments on a set. So you may see it holding a light, a flag, a silk, a microphone, a monitor, a reflector, or a set piece.
Depending on the size of the production, you may be as few as 2 or 3 c-stands or for larger productions you’ll find hundreds of them. So what would happen if you didn’t have a c-stand on a set? You’d have to have a much larger crew just to hold, light, flag, reflect and prop all the things a c-stand is used for. That’s what a c-stand is and how it helps your video look and sound better.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have a special 50th episode of Video Answers. In fact, it’s my Christmas gift of a little bit of holiday cheer to you. So look for it next week.

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