“What’s my video’s biggest enemy?” Video Answers. Episode 33. Part 2

In our last episode, I shared how your video’s biggest enemy can wreck havoc on your objective, your message and your audience.
In this episode of Video Answers, we’re going to explore three ways you can defeat that enemy and help your audience change for the better.

In our last episode, I opened with a military analogy to talk about your videos single biggest enemy: The Status Quo.

The Status Quo is a problem because it’s the natural state of your audience and the purpose of your video is to move your audience to action. Here are three ways you can defeat the status quo in your video production and help your audience change for the better.

The first way to defeat the status quo?

Kill the Expected

The Attention Getter: Your mission during the first few seconds of a video is to capture your viewers’ attention.

One of the ways you can do that is by giving your audience something unexpected. That could be a shocking image, an unexpected twist, a surprise revelation or an emotional connection. Whatever the method, a good Attention Getter creates engagement by killing the expected.

The second way to defeat the status quo?

Eliminate the Common

The Re-framer: Just like Charlie Browns’ teacher, sometimes we’ve heard a phrase so many times, that we just don’t hear it any more. That’s why you should eliminate all the common, buzz words and status quo phrases from your video, which are all too common in corporate cultures.

You want your audience to think differently. That’s why you re-frame the conversation in a fresher, more engaging way, one that eliminates the common.

The final way you can defeat the status quo is to:

Banish the Predictable

The Show Me: Have you ever heard someone say, “He can’t see the forest for the trees?” That’s a reminder that our ways of thinking can get so predictable and stale that we no longer see the possibilities. That is exactly what can happen with the your videos message.

How do you banish the predictable? Show your audience what your product or service can mean for them. Help them see and experience the benefits that you offer. You want them to see themselves in your video. That’s how you open their minds to exciting new possibilities and banish the predictable.

Here’s the reality, the status quo is always lurking in the shadows, unnoticed, until it’s too late. The status quo is easy, because there’s no resistance. But to defeat the status quo requires intent and effort.
By Killing the Expected with a strong attention getter, Eliminating the Common by re-framing the conversation and Banishing the Predictable by showing the possibilities, you can win the status quo battle and defeat the biggest enemy of video every time.

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