It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by Social Media. After all, millions of businesses use Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms to connect with their audience. Because there are so many businesses on social media, it’s become a competition — a fight for attention and engagement from your followers. How can a business stand out? How can businesses be heard on social media?
You already know that being active and posting content that interests your audience is the first step, but there may be an obvious solution that you’re forgetting. The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words, and 44% of people say that seeing a product of service mentioned in an online video would encourage them to seek out more information. That’s right, it’s video. But not just any video.
Here are a few simple ways businesses can use video to make their presence seen and heard on social media:

Offer Valuable Content

Don’t just put a video on your Facebook page because it’s funny or cute. Make sure that the videos you post offers valuable content to your followers. It could inform them about your product, teach them how to use a product or include testimonials to help them choose the right products. Videos are the best way to offer tutorials and make yourself a valuable resource to your audience. Remember, video should always offer something of value to your customer while aligning with your goals and mission.

Show Your Personality

Social media is just that: social. Make sure that your company’s personality shines through to your followers! By doing this you are humanizing your brand and make it something your clients can related to. Videos about your company, the workers, and even behind-the-scenes footage of meetings and events can help you show your personality.

Share, Don’t Sell

Don’t make the mistake of using social media only as a means to sell your product – use it as a conversation tool too. No one wants to get on social media and hear constant sales pitches. Instead, talk with your followers. Ask them questions, make video blogs, discuss any current events, sporting events, and local happenings that relate to your business and your company.
A great video idea is also to go to the streets and strike up conversation with strangers, or even have your own employees be in the video and asking the questions from the audience. Engaging your followers cultivates a relationship and builds trust vs a constant sales pitch.

Stay With It

As Mark Uzunian from the SumAll blog says, “Social media is a marathon, not a sprint”. When posting videos (and anything else on social media for that matter), consistency is absolutely the key to success. Instead of posting a one-time engaging post, have a video series or make sure to have scheduled status updates. This will keep your audience interested and engaged. There are many programs that allow you to schedule videos, pictures, and statuses to your various accounts. BufferApp is one of our favorite tools to help us schedule our engagement. The point is – be consistent and build the structure that allows you to stay with it.

Having a strong social media presence can be tough considering the amount of competition out there, but having videos that offer valuable content, show off your personality, create conversation, and are consistent is a sure way to be heard on social media.
QUESTION: How does your company use video to stand out on social media?