We did it Again!
Continuing in our annual tradition, Comprehensive Media was recognized again this year for the excellence of our work by the The Telly Awards, The Communicator Awards and the Summit Creative Awards.  This year we won a total of 11 awards from 3 different organizations – with every video we submitted receiving at least one award!
So What?
These awards were presented by a group of our peers and we’re honored, but what do OUR awards mean to YOU?  Well, they may not make your teeth whiter, your waistline smaller or your biceps bigger, but you may be surprised at what they do mean. Here are 3 reasons our awards mean our clients are the real winners.


My dictionary tells me that identify is – to “establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is.” And that’s the first step. We do well at helping you identify with your audience so they want to hear your message. Because if they don’t want to hear your message, they will never notice you.


After your audience identifies with your product, service or brand, you want to stand above the crowd and get noticed. That, after all, is the whole idea of video, to get attention so you can deliver your message to your audience.


Once they notice, you want to engage your audience.  You want to move them to action.  An engaged audience is one that listens and responds and in the end, a positive response that leads to a positive action is what you’re looking for.

To recap, those qualities that make us “award-winning” year after year are the very same qualities that help us move your audience…to action. And in the end, action is the goal – action to buy, sale, invest, change, see or give.
So if you need a video that can help you

  • articulate your vision
  • get you noticed and
  • engage your audience to action

then you should give us a call because Our Awards are Your Awards!