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Producing and positioning videos that create results for your business isn’t easy.

And it’s not just the technical side of things, like lighting, filming or editing that is difficult. You also have to learn a new style of writing, coordinate a team of creatives, master a variety of online video platforms, understand integrations, figure out how to promote your videos, and prove ROI to key players in your business.

From writing the script to editing the video, producing world-class video calls for a variety of unique skills.


We’ll deliver your project on budget.

We’ll engage in open communication with you.

We’ll deliver your project on time.

We won’t surprise you with hidden costs.

If we make a mistake, we’ll fix it, free of charge.

We’ll seek your approval throughout the process.

Our Owner

Joel Smith

Joel Smith


In college, I was a musician and songwriter, and then I was introduced to video production. Thirty years later, the rest, as they say, is “history.”

While a lot has changed in that time, the one thing that hasn’t changed is my ability to connect people with stories.

One of the most amazing things I get to do every day is help people tell their stories. Whether it’s a Super Bowl champion, Fortune 100 CEO, a rock star or a homeless person, everyone has a story. Ultimately, what sets Comprehensive Media apart is our ability to help people and brands tell those stories.

What’s the story you need to tell?

“I am grateful for your outstanding service and for always making me look so good!”

Jenna Slocum

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