“For me the greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity.”

~Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

So you can’t see the forrest for the trees? Well, it happens in video production too. But we know a secret – that elusive fresh perspective is never really very far away.
As a video communications company we help businesses tell their stories. But that’s the “what”. The “why”, our purpose for being, is to provide clarity and perspective to that story. As a business leader, you know your business. But when you call us for a video, what you’re really looking for is a different point-of-view – one that provides clarity and perspective. That’s what video does and that’s our role.
I’ve been in video production for 25 years now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the greatest perspective is sometimes achieved through the simplest of changes.

Change your angle

Moving the camera a few inches to the left or the right can open up a completely new vista. It’s easy really, just fix your eyes on the subject and move around. Move to the left or to the right. Find a higher point of view or kneel to find a lower one. Changing your angle always offers a fresh perspective.

Change your lens

Try a new lens. This simple change can either help you zoom in to the detail you’re missing or widen the scene for a more expansive view. Either way, changing your lens can give you fresh insight.

Change your focus

Sometimes seeing everything is like seeing nothing. We just can’t take it all in. Which is why good filmmakers use focus to select the subject we want our audience to see. Changing your focus is a great tool to bring clarity to your story.

Change your light

A great Director of Photographer use light like an artist uses paint. They know changing the light on your subject changes how you view that subject. That’s why “when” you shoot is every bit as important as what you shoot. For example, those golden hours, early morning or later afternoon, always have the best natural light. So change the way your light interacts with your subject and get a fresh new perspective.

In life, just like in filmmaking, we often need a little clarity or a fresh perspective. So when you’re stuck. When everything looks the same – experiment with your angle, lens, focus and light. They are good reminders that a fresh perspective is never far away.
Question: What is your suggestion for seeing thing from a fresh perspective?