If I told you I was the best home builder in Fuji, you would probably only care if you owned property in Fuji and needed to build that perfect weekend getaway. Otherwise, what’s the point?
That’s why the goal of video communication is not simply to make pretty pictures or share information with an audience. The goal is to share the right information with the right audience. That’s the secret to connecting with an audience, engaging an audience, and moving them to action. So here are:

The 5 keys to engaging the right audience with the right message

1. Focus

Be clear about your objective and destination.

Focus begins with a strong, clear Creative Brief. By asking a few strategic questions, a Creative Brief can become both your roadmap and the destination for your messaging. It’s the reason all of our projects begin with a Creative Brief.
Always begin your communications journey by focusing on where you need to go and how you’ll get there.

2. Alignment

Speak to the right audience.

To engage the right audience your message must be aligned with your audience. The biggest temptation here is to try to speak to “everyone”, but doing so really means you speak to no one. So, while you may have read about my Fuji home building skills, chances are it wasn’t aligned with your personal needs.
A broad audience may hear your message, but the right audience is much more narrow. It’s that Creative Brief that helps you be aligned with your audience and a persona that helps you refine the messaging for that audience.
Remember, if you try to speak to everyone, you’ll probably speak to no one well.

3. Simplicity

Share a single, clearly expressed idea.

It’s our job to turn complicated ideas into interesting and compelling stories. More than anything else, being simple is knowing what NOT to say. But it can be really hard to make your message simple. Why? Because there is so much that you want to say.
In his book Insanely Simple, Ken Segall summed it up pretty well when he wrote, “Simplicity is more than a goal—it’s a skill.”
The takeaway? You can’t say everything and still be simple.

4. Invaluable

Be practical and useful in your content.

If you’re going to connect to the right audience with the right message, you’ve got to provide your audience with content that’s practical, useful, and exactly what they need–even if they are unable to articulate it. That’s why all your content should provide value to your audience.
High value content will always move your audience to action.

5. Priority

Be immediately actionable.

To increase engagement every video should have a clear and tangible Call to Action which immediately benefits your audience. It’s only when your audience feels a sense of urgency to act that your message will be a priority. That’s why if you’re ready to build a home in Fuji, my “free blueprints” incentive which expires on Friday, could just be the perfect incentive to schedule a consultation.

With all the audiences and messages floating around out there, use these 5 keys to make sure you’re always engaging the right audience with the right message.

Question: How do you engage your audience with the right message?