What do promotions, websites, social media, and training have in common?

An audience.

An audience that can easily and effectively be reached through video. It’s no wonder that when we conducted market research earlier this year we found those were the top four categories of video usage for Nashville area businesses.

There are four main ways in which video can be a key component of any promotional, web, social media, or training program:

1) It Informs

One of the most important qualities of successful videos is that it achieves its purpose. In these cases, the main purpose of a video is to inform the audience of a specific product, service, company, or training procedure. Videos can quickly and effectively tell someone what your promotion is, walk employees through a training procedure, and even showcase what your company is all about.

2) It Explains

Not only can video tell the audience exactly what you want them to know, it allows you to go into detail and further explain how something works. This all fits into the “show not tell” principle . Why would you choose to just simply tell someone how something works or how to do something if you could instead show them exactly what you mean? This not only saves time but also ensures a better understanding of your message.

3) It Engages

Need proof? According to Forrester Research, the human brain absorbs 50% more information though moving pictures and sound than the next best medium.

4) It Calls to Action

By informing your audience and explaining the specifics of your project, your video then calls your audience to a very specific action. This takes it to a different level of audience connection we like to think of as conversions. Whether this means your employees now know how to perform a specific activity effectively or your target market decides to buy into your promotion, it drives them to want to do what you have suggested- achieving your company’s goal in creating the video in the first place.

Now that you know why videos are so widely used for Promotions, Websites, Social Media, and Training, think about how your company should use video. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are many.

QUESTION: How do you use video?