Everyone’s looking for a way to save a buck on their next video production.  The real question is how do you do that without sacrificing quality.

Here are 4 things that can help you save money on your next video production.

Plan Ahead

It sounds simple enough, but I think planning is the most overlooked and underrated component of video production.  Be crystal clear on your objective, your purpose and how you’ll determine success?  Those are all questions that have to be answered BEFORE you can even think about production.  By the way, we have a great free resource for you on planning called: Creative Briefs – Your Map To Success.  Just click here to take a look.

Don’t Rush

You know that it costs more to send your package FedEx priority overnight than FedEx ground.  Well guess what, it’s the same with video production.  But in addition to those tangible costs associated with rushing a project, there are also less tangible costs.  For example, we find that clients who rush through the process often realize later that there were details that were overlooked or they’re simply just not pleased with the end result.  So, don’t rush.

Remember Economy of Scale

If you can combine multiple videos, shoots or locations, shooting everything at one time, it can really help your budget.  That may be working with another department to use the same on-camera talent to shoot a scene or asking the expert a few more questions while you’re doing their interview. Regardless, those kind of economy savings can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Be Flexible

As a rule, the more flexibility you have the easier it is to keep your costs under control.  For example if we have to shoot on a specific day at a specific location with a specific talent then we have less production flexibility which can certainly increase costs.

The next time your planning a video, remember these 4 simple ways you can save money by

  • Planning Ahead
  • Not Rushing
  • Remembering Economy of Scale
  • Being Flexible

You’ll be glad you did.

QUESTION: What other ways have you found to save money on video production?