Congratulations! Your video has moved from an idea in the Creative Brief, to a Script, through casting and pre-production and now, (drum roll please), to the moment of truth – filming⁠*. You can’t wait to see it all come together, but you’re not really sure what’s expected of you on-set. So let me put your mind at ease and offer 3 suggestions to make your first video shoot a breeze!

Relax. Don’t Stress…

The very first encouragement I offer is to relax. It may not be immediately obvious as we’re shooting bits and pieces of your script, but there is a big picture that your Director sees. And like a giant puzzle, every piece has its place. And that place is determined by the approved script and the budget. And since none of us can have it all, (see My First Ferrari), we’ve found the perfect balance for your project. So don’t stress out, relax knowing there is a plan and we’ll make sure your video gets you to where you’re going.

Communicate. Don’t Direct…

Here’s the good news. When you arrive on set, we don’t expect you to run the show. But, we do want you to watch for things that only you may see. And when you have input, communicate it to your Director, just not the crew or talent, (that can get very confusing for everyone).
The takeaway is simple, your comments and feedback are always welcome. You know your company, product, service and message better than we do, so please speak up. Otherwise, sit back, relax and let us do the work for you.

Trust. Don’t Doubt…

Know that we’ve assembled a great team of professionals for your video project. We’ve got your back. Yes you’ll hear strange phrases about striking babies and blondes, but don’t be afraid. It’s just industry lingo and it has a purpose. Don’t doubt for a second. Trust us with your message, your vision, the schedule, and your image. Only when you succeed will we succeed.

The bottom line is simple – Enjoy the Process. And like 99% of our clients you will absolutely LOVE it. So give yourself permission to relax, to communicate your thoughts, to trust your team and to enjoy the experience.

Remember these 3 simple suggestions to make your first video shoot a breeze.

QUESTION: If you’ve done this before, what advice would you offer a client about to go out on their first video shoot?
*Also known as shooting and videotaping