You may think video is just another pretty face. But what if, just under the surface of all that fun and entertainment there was more? What if you could expect more – more education and engagement from your audience? Would that change how you view video?

Here are 3 reasons why you should EXPECT MOREĀ out of your business video.

Reason #1 – Video is a Connection

Everyone agrees, we live in a visual world and video is the KING of that world. Video can connect to your audience and engage them in a way that no other medium can. Video can show, tell, and even help your audience feel something they’ve never felt before. You’ve all sat in a theatre and watched people laugh, cry and scream because they were CONNECTED – they weren’t just watching, they were participants in the story. Guess what? Engaging your audience with all those senses gives your product or service a strong connection with your audience.

Reason #2 – Video is a Solution

One of the biggest mistakes people make about video is an assumption that because video is entertaining that it can’t be effective. But because video does so well at connecting and engaging your audience, it can point them to the perfect solution. A solution that clearly identifies your understanding of their problem and addresses that problem with the very thing they’ve been looking for. Sure, you do have to know your audience and clearly identify the problem before video can be a solution – but once you do, watch out!

Reason #3 – Video is an Investment

When you begin thinking of video as presenting the solution your audience is seeking, then it moves from spending to investing in your company and your audience. And unlike spending, you expect a return from your investments. You should expect the same from a well-crafted video, a video that is designed to address specific audience concerns to which your product or service is the solution. Which would you rather do, spend or invest?

Video is the grown-up, professional, serious way of doing business. A way to move your audience from interested to engaged. And once your audience is engaged, then and only then can serious communication begin. So the next time you think of video for your business needs, expect more – more connections, more solutions, and more investments. After all, you should expect your video to deliver!

QUESTION: What do you expect from video?