DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a post about sales!

It’s about using video to tell your story and addressing your customer’s need with your solution.

Okay, I guess that is sales.

Video is about telling stories and connecting with audiences. But I’ve found that I’m often better at sharing other people’s stories than my own. Why? It probably has a lot to do with the whole forrest and trees thing. In other words, perspective.
A few months ago I read New Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development by Mike Weinberg. I expected the “usual” sales stuff, so I was surprised when I got to Chapter 8 – Sharpening Your Sales Story. “Did he just say story?” Suddenly, he had my attention. “Video producers are storytellers, not sales guys”, I thought. “Why is a sales guy talking about story?” But his logic was sound and his answers simple…

  • Connecting with your prospect only happens when you talk about something that matters to them.
  • Selling is always about your prospect–their needs, desires, and issues.
  • Your prospect is always the main character of your “story”, not your product.
  • Your prospect is only interested in what your products or services can do for them.

(Stick with me here. This is going somewhere.) It was from these observations that he identified 3 Critical Building Blocks for a Compelling Story.

1. Client Issues Addressed

The customer pains you remove, ie: problems solved, opportunities captured, results achieved.

2. Offerings

What you sell—the services, solutions, or products you bill customers for.

3. Differentiators

Why you’re the better choice and different from everyone else.

Now the truth is, I knew all of that. None of this was new. But the way this “sales guy”, sorry Mike, was about to frame those building blocks would give me what no other sales book had; incredible messaging, marketing and story clarity. He brought those 3 building blocks together to form the foundation of something he calls a Power Statement. A Power Statement:

  • is the answer to the elevator pitch and the value proposition.
  • it articulates who you are, what you’re about and why your customers/audience should care.
  • is a unified messaging well, a single resource, from which your entire team can draw.

In short, a great Power Statement gives you, your team and your customer’s story clarity. While I don’t have time to develop it here, (read the book), I can share the sample Power Statement Weinberg uses in New Sales. Simplified.

FYI – We’re currently working on the Comprehensive Media Power Statement and the resulting redesign of this site.

Sample Power Statement


Allsafe is the premier security services provider in Canada. We work with building owners, property managers, and individual corporations to deliver true integrated security.


Building owners look to Allsafe when:

  • Seeking a competitive advantage by offering the finest security available to tenants and guests.
  • Frustrated that their current system is not doing what was promised when it was “sold” to them.
  • Facing excessive liability exposure and growing life/ safety fears.
  • Continually embarrassed by the image projected by their security personnel.
  • They’ve had it with guards who are poorly trained, unreliable, and constantly turning over.
  • They’re searching for a truly integrated solution combining manpower, system monitoring, and CCTV.
  • There is no peace of mind regarding a potential emergency; the current provider lacks the appropriate resources, coverage, and experience to handle a crisis.


We provide true integrated security. Allsafe services include first-class manpower, access systems, monitoring, mobile response, and closed-circuit television.


  • Allsafe continues to dominate the security market because we are very different from the other available alternatives:
  • We are a true one-stop shop that provides real integrated solutions.
  • We offer in-house financing and leasing options help clients manage capital expenditures and cash flow.
  • We are “vendor agnostic,” allowing us to provide the best-fit products for your particular application.
  • No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster. It is our specialty.
  • We have, without question, the most professional, polished, responsible, and courteous officers in the business; clients tell us that our officers are like their own key employees.
  • Our clients don’t leave us. And the very few that did came back.

Keep in mind, the Power Statement is NOT a marketing document for public consumption (I’m sharing it here as an example only).
We’ve not only found it helpful internally, we’re actually helping our clients to prepare their own Power Statements. This helps us help them by developing the right message (story) for the right audience.

Writing a Power Statement is hard work. It won’t be a quick or easy job. But it will be rewarding and it will force you to think differently, to provide greater clarity and perspective–which is the whole idea and the reason why compelling stories are so…compelling.

QUESTION: How do you tell your story?