We’ve had our blog for a while now, and as with everything, we’re looking to make it better. We’re not just trying to make it better for our sake, and for our own SEO or website statistics; we’re trying to make it better for YOU. Yes, YOU!


Our blog‘s goal is to serve as a resource for you and your business when it comes to video production, business strategies, leadership, and more. We want to be the blog you surf to when you are looking for help, inspiration, or innovation. The way for us to know that we’re succeeding is by getting feedback from our readers in the form of comments, open rates, and read rates. We’ve got great readership– but a lot of our readers seem to be shy on the commenting. This survey will help us figure out why, and how we can better engage and interest you.


All we need from you is 5-10 minutes of your time. And no, we’re not lying. We’ve broken up our survey into four easy categories:

  • About You
  • About Your Business
  • About Our Blog
  • About Video Production

Each sections has 3-9 questions, and the questions are simple and quick. By filling out this survey you will help us serve you better– and there’s nothing we want more!

Please take the survey here:  2013 Comprehensive Media Reader Survey

We really appreciate your help. Also, if you are interested in the results and want to know about the information we’ve gathered, leave us a comment. Maybe we will have an upcoming post that will feature a fun infographic about our readers– and that includes you!